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Millions of customers are buying on Amazon every year. You need to have a strategic edge for success. But what you don’t need is to lose money selling on Amazon while your items are buried, and nobody buys them. You already know Amazon’s domination of the US eCommerce shopping industry. What you probably don’t know is how to be a part of it. So, where do you begin? How do you make your product or service stand out? Don’t get lost in a crowded Amazon marketplace.

Our seasoned team of Amazon Consulting Experts will help you develop a customized approach to optimize your budget. Working with an Amazon Consultant Toronto with proven results is key to get the most return on investment (ROI) for your Amazon marketing.

Amazon Management Services Offers Reliable Amazon Listing Optimization

From start to finish, we do everything you need to improve your organic rankings and sales. Many Amazon product pages are not optimized properly, leaving a lot of potential sales on the table. Our Ecommerce Marketing experts ensure you achieve the maximum ROI from the very beginning. Our Amazon Consultant:

  • Ensures your product/services are featured in the proper category.
  • Optimizes your images and content
  • Conduct keyword research to identify which words or phrases to focus on that are most effective & will drive the most organic rankings.
  • Provides you with appropriate descriptions to boost conversion rates.
  • Ensures all images are high-level, professional, and sized correctly, displayed well, and framed accordingly to boost sales through your marketing efforts.
We Strengthen Your Amazon Budget, So You Get the Maximum ROI

One of the most critical aspects for a good Amazon seller is to use the best pricing tactics to maximize your revenue, conversions, and rankings. Our Amazon Seller Management Toronto agency analyzes several factors before listing a new offering. Our Amazon marketing services provide detailed market research to find the best price for your item. We conduct an Amazon assessment, reviewing the purchase prices and detailing Amazon’s fees extensively to have a complete idea of what you’re facing.

As your Amazon Consultant Toronto, we’re going to use this analysis to decide whether or not you will be successful on Amazon before you even spend a penny.  We set clear goals for your marketing before progressing with your Amazon campaign so that you won’t risk any wasteful spending. What you don’t need to do is frequently change the price of your items. This will have a negative effect on your Amazon optimization. You’re a lot better off offering promo codes with attractive deals.

The lowest price is seldom the best price, nor is it the highest price. As one of the seasoned Amazon Advertising Companies Toronto, we collaborate with you to reach the right balance, a sweet spot that drives revenue and raises profit margins. As part of our Amazon Product Launch Services, we work together with you to develop a promotional strategy that includes multiple advertising campaigns.

Amazon Advertising- PPC

Amazon is not a mystery. It’s a crowded marketplace for sellers. That means that you always have to play to win. Top sellers use PPC campaigns and tactics to differentiate themselves. Our Amazon PPC experts bring you in the game by offering reliable Amazon Management Services.

Amazon SEO

As a full-service Amazon Consultant Toronto, we get your Amazon, SHOPIFY, and other eCommerce business up and running swiftly. We lead you to step by step, from Amazon Seller set up to raise your ranking and increase your conversions. We take care of every aspect along the way – Amazon Account Audit, Competition Analysis, Keyword Research, and Optimized Descriptions that are consistent and concise.

Amazon Storefront & Branding

In 2018, Amazon made its mission to make small and medium-sized enterprises relevant by launching Amazon Storefronts. Amazon also set up a separate section to showcase small businesses. Our Amazon consultants are specialized in setting up and developing an eye-catching Amazon Storefront and positioning the merchandise for maximum exposure through Amazon Management Services. We will enrich your product description page with Premium content, including high-quality images and EBC design & development to improve sales.

Amazon Reporting & Analytics

We keep every client up-to-date on their business and our engagement with comprehensive data analysis. We include monthly Amazon marketing reports showing expenditure, return on ad spend (ROAS), advertising revenue expense (AcoS), and full pay-per-click (PPC) data for clients. Our clients also receive weekly Amazon business reports detailing products per sale, sales over time, ratings, customer satisfaction, and Amazon Listing Optimization. As part of our Amazon marketing packages, we will also provide clients with in-depth information on Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) charges that will cover any hidden costs.

Partner with one of the Best Amazon Consultant Toronto

Lorexe Creative is a full-service eCommerce and digital marketing agency with more than 10years of experience & success. Our strong passion for digital marketing has led us to become a top-ranked and highest-rated Amazon Consultant Toronto. We value growth and development and extend this principle to our digital marketing methodology. By integrating concept, innovation, and real-world best practices, our team provides high-quality, results-driven digital assets.

Our comprehensive and innovative approach to eCommerce Development has generated outstanding results for hundreds of businesses over the years. Contact Lorexe Creative, the best Amazon Consultant Toronto, at 1-647-702-4321 to Discuss Your Growth Strategy.