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Through extensive analysis, precise calculations, and a little bit of creative flair, we design your website so that casual visitors become paying customers. By building a value-oriented website, we will encourage potential customers to call, schedule a consultation, purchase a product, or order your services. At Lorexe Creative agency, the best Toronto Web Developer, our goal is to drive casual visitors to take desired actions.

We Understand Small Businesses

Achieve marketing success without breaking the bank. We understand the complexities and requirements of small businesses. That’s why we deliver full-service strategic marketing solutions at competitive rates. Whether your organization is a fresh start-up or an older company that requires a digital facelift, we’d love to help.

What Is Small Business Consulting?

As small business marketing consultants, we essentially do everything you need to create and execute your marketing plan. This includes developing your brand, selecting your platforms, building your business assets, and promoting your message with the right audience. At Lorexe Creative, one of the top Toronto Marketing Agencies, we love the process of conventional and Digital Marketing. We understand quite well that sometimes you need more than just advice. You need a reliable partner who can generate all the assets you need, execute the plan, and manage the process so that you can see the success that your small business needs!

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is all about being found on the internet using unique, adaptive, and powerful strategies. At Lorexe Creative agency, the best Marketing Consultant Toronto, we specialize in all the major categories required for an effective digital marketing strategy. We also use a variety of tactics to transform these audiences into paying customers. Some of the methods that we use are:

Website Development

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Social Media marketing


Paid Ads

Landing Pages

Online Press Releases

Email Marketing, etc.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing requires a strong perception of the brand and of your message to the audience. It’s more about communicating who you are and what your service or product represents. Marketing covers everything you need from your interaction with your consumer, from the moment they are introduced to your business to any contact they have with your employees, service, or product. Key components include:

Corporate Identity


Message Creation

Public Relations/Reputation Management

Telemarketing & more.

Promotion Through Modern Mediums

At Lorexe Creative, one of the Top Marketing Companies in Toronto, we use the latest innovation to reach your audience. Marketing technologies are always evolving, so you need a passionate Consulting Firm. We are continuously mastering the new marketing developments, technologies, innovations, and techniques. We use this collaborative expertise to support the services leveraging the new smart technologies and integrated systems.

A successful marketing strategy usually entails using a number of promotional platforms, with a specific view of the intent for each of them. At Lorexe Creative agency, the best Marketing Consultant Toronto, we look at advertising platforms as tools in a toolbox. We want to ensure that we analyze all the options available and pick the right tools for the task.

Outdoor Advertising

Video/Commercial Production


Direct Marketing


Graphic Design

Media Buying and Placement


Being one of the Top Marketing Companies in Toronto and maintaining all the required services is at the forefront of everything we do. At Lorexe Creative agency, the best Marketing Consultant Toronto, we believe in helping our clients excel tremendously in their industries. We provide our consultancy services as required to help them succeed. Our consultancy services include:

  • Business Promotion Strategy
  • Business/Organization Development
  • Marketing & Business Plans
  • Ongoing Strategic Guidance & more.
Positioning Your Organization on a Path Toward Growth

We know that small business owners have a ton on their hands, with little to no time to focus on promotions or marketing for their business. Besides, as the new marketing tactics and technology are continuously changing, it is difficult for company owners to identify the most successful marketing methods and approaches that will deliver them the best ROI. That’s why considering a Business Marketing Consultant, like Lorexe Creative, one of the best Toronto Marketing Agencies, is a key first step towards business success.

Business Plan Services and Development

If you are searching for assistance beyond small business marketing, we will help you develop a winning business approach to eliminate wasted resources while optimizing potential. At Lorexe Creative agency, the best Marketing Consultant Toronto, we also offer Marketing Consulting Services, integration, and customization with emerging technologies.

Choose from a Wide Range of Services That’s Right for You

An essential aspect of partnering with Lorexe Creative agency as your small business marketing consultant is that you don’t have to do it all. As your marketing consultant, we love to partner with you to help you choose the right services for your small business.

Lorexe Creative is a full-service Small Business Marketing Consultant in Toronto, Canada, with more than 10years of experience & success. Our strong passion for business marketing has led us to become a top-ranked and highest-rated Marketing Consulting Company Toronto. We value growth and development and extend this principle to our marketing methodology. By integrating concept, innovation, and real-world best practices, our team provides high-quality, results-driven assets.

Our comprehensive and innovative approach to Marketing Strategy has generated outstanding results for thousands of businesses over the years. Contact Lorexe Creative agency, the best Marketing Consultant Toronto, at 1-647-702-4321 to Discuss Your Growth Strategy.