Promoting your online shop doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are our 6 simple ways to promote your eCommerce shop.

  • Word of Mouth

Word of mouth advertising is still just as important as it has ever been. You want to start the seeds of conversation about your shop all over the internet, in homes, and on phone calls. Give people something to talk about. Be brave. Post content that other shops might steer clear of and think outside the box.

Get customers sharing your pages, and don’t forget – you can always just ask.

  • Create Adverts That Pop

Make sure your adverts follow current trends but stand out from the rest at the same time. This year in 2021, yellow is the go-to colour for everyone; bananas are trending too, so why not get the two together. If you have a business selling fire extinguishers, then create an advert about a banana using a fire extinguisher. Ask customers what the banana did next when faced with a blazing fire.

The colours, combined with something unusual, will get people talking and interacting with your post a lot more than if you just take a bland photo of your product.

  • Design Competitions

It can be difficult to know what your customers want to see on your sites and social media. Play into this and get free statistics by getting the customers to design your brand for you.

There is a great strategy that allows you to create as much free content as you want for free. Share this as a competition with an award for your customers and use their design as content for your social media accounts and marketing. You can combine multiple designs if you want, and it gets people sharing in your business’ success.

  • Pay for Advertising

Don’t just expect that organic traffic will get you where you want to be. Budget for what you expect and double it. Then organize a marketing plan that you stick to with set goals and targets to meet. Study your analytics when you get them in after your advertising campaigns and adapt to the changes in the future.

  • Be Yourself

Let your personality come through in your business, don’t try and be too professional. Customers love it if they feel they have a relationship with a business, especially online when it is hard to grasp the emotions fully behind what someone is saying.

Creating videos or vlogs can help with this. It means that people have a peep into your day-to-day life and feel as if they can trust you.

  • Give Things for Free

Everyone loves a freebie, and this will probably never change. Brighten up packages with free gifts inside. Stick stickers and discount cards with your logo inside all orders. Run competitions and giveaways to prompt people to share your business page, and don’t be worried if you do not get much action at first. Give small prizes so that you can run them more often.

Giveaways can run for a long time too, get creative with it. Let people know via email marketing, advertising, posting on socials, and at the bottom of your blog posts. Instead of just like and share competitions, make it more fun, a drawing competition, or, like we said earlier, get people designing your brand for you.

There are many ways that you can promote your eCommerce shop. The most important thing is that you stay posting and keep creative. Do not let yourself get lost in it, set clear goals and targets to achieve, and be adaptable when you have to be. Promote a joyous attitude in everything you do and reward loyal and chatty customers.

Lorexe Creative Agency is always here to answer all of your questions and help you in regards to your marketing, running your online ads, and scaling your eCommerce business.

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